Information about Ridehunting

How it works

How it works

How do I rent gear on Ridehunting?

After creating an account, search through the listings for what you want. You can search by city, gear type, and price. When you find what your looking for, request it. The lister will confirm. Payment will not go through until all is said and done.

How do I rent my gear out? 

Renting your gear out is easy on Ridehunting. First create an account, list your ride with all required information and pictures. Don't forget to add a detailed description of whats offered. Add your availability and wait for a request to book. When someone books your studio an email will be forwarded to you for approval. Payment will be made when booking is confirmed.

A more in depth listing guide:

Create a Ridehunting account and link it up to your PayPal account
In order to accept payments and get paid you need to create a Ridehunting account and have a Paypal account linked up to it. The Paypal account might need to be upgraded to a business account which is free and easy to do. If you're an individual, PayPal recommends using your name as the Business name.

You can upgrade your PayPal Account by going here
On PayPal -- Go to settings, Click upgrade to a Business Account, Agree and Continue. 

Now you can connect your PayPal account to Ridehunting. Head over to your settings on the Ridehunting website. Settings will be under your initials top right hand corner. Hover your mouse over your initials and click settings.

Go to the Payments tab on the left hand side and click Connect Your PayPal Account. Accept the terms and conditions. You will be redirected back to Ridehunting where you will then grant permission for a transaction fee to be charged.

You can now begin posting.

List your ride

Click List a Ride on the upper right hand corner. Fill out the required information. Remember to add a detailed description/pictures of whats offered and any extras you might offer. Afterwards an availability schedule will appear and you can adjust the dates your ride will be available.

The Booking
When you get an request, an email will notify you. Accept it.

That's it. You now know everything you need to start renting out your ride.